Our experience with a wide range of projects and clients informs our approach, but each project is a new beginning. From the start, we work closely with you in continual conversations as we strive to understand your needs, desires, and aspirations. We want to know who you are and to understand your lifestyle, so we can translate your words and dreams into built form.

Early on, we study many options with you and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. We use a range of presentation methods to review our ideas with you - rough, sketch models of clay or paper in the beginning, to sophisticated drawings and computer visualizations, and larger, detailed models as we move further into the design. Your project is a collaboration. You are the decision maker. We engage your and our ideas to facilitate that vision. You've come to us for our professional vision and experience. We strive to bring out the best in your ideas. Whether your project is a house or an institution, there will be multiple voices offering opinions and informing the project. We are experienced team builders and know how to facilitate the discussions between all interested parties and participants and guide the decision making necessary to create a beautiful and successful project.

We believe that throughout the project's stages of implementation, you should know where we are, and where we're going. At the start of all projects, we develop a schedule for our work and dates for your reviews to keep everyone on a path to successful completion. We re-evaluate and update the schedule throughout the project. To manage budgets, we plan what we will produce, when it will be done, and what the costs will be. Like the project schedule, this plan will be re-evaluated and updated throughout the project.

Within a broad spectrum of methods and approaches, we create architecture that expresses your values and ideals, and meets your needs and lifestyle.


Robert Jackson Miller Architects